T-shirt Hack 3!

With the arrival of chilly weather, I am desperate for more long sleeve shirts and layering pieces.

I have a Uniqlo Compact Cotton Crewneck Tee that I really like as a layering piece. It is super-soft and has a good fabric density. I love the slightly muted shades that work well in a fall color palette.

It’s a very basic Tee that could use a little style.

T-shirt Hack #3

What you need:
A long sleeve midnight tee
2 – D rings (1″ size)
1.5 yds 1″/ 25 cm wide cotton twill tape.

Determine the length (L) of the jacket body by measuring from your neckline down to your natural waist, add .5 inch seam for attaching the peplum.

Measure and mark this (L) dimension on t shirt with tailors chalk.

Cut along the line, preserving the bottom portion of the t shirt for peplum and front placket.

T3cut - 1T3cut - 2

On the bottom portion of tee that you just trimmed, measure 2 inches from the bottom hem edge.

T3cut - 4

Mark with chalk and trim with rotary cutter or scissors.

T3cut - 6

Prepare peplum: Fold center edge .25″/5 cm and stitch.

T3cut - 5

Prepare front placket by measuring and marking (L) plus .5″/10 cm on remaining fabric. Trim.
Fold width in half and pin to wrong side of T shirt along front opening, allowing extra .5″/10 cm to overhang at neckline.

Attach peplum to shirt body, matching ends and center back first, pin piece in place. With right sides facing, sew seam.

T3besthl - 1

Fold peplum seam upward, press and zig zag.

Stitch placket to front opening, press piece towards center/open and zigzag seam down.

Thack3const - 2

Trim overhang using a curved line.

Thack3const - 3

Fastener and Detail that Defines

T-hack 2 used multiple ties, I wanted this one to be Minimal in style.

I love the D-ring as a functional detail, used much lately on modern pants and skirts. Also, I love higher horizontal lines to streamline and lengthen the form. So, I combined both these ideas to create functional form.

Attach the D rings to cotton twill tape.

Pin at front-left, 2 side seams and front-right. I added a random belt loop to enhance the
offset peplum seam (happy accident, as I did not center it!).

Thack3const - 4Thack3const - 5Stitch and backstitch

Here it is!

bodfront - 4 (1)

Miko N. Design

I grew up spending much beloved time in fabric stores, my mom sewed and taught me to sew when I was five years old. I studied textiles art and graphic design and went on to work as a print designer for over 10 years. I am happy to be focusing on sewing and creating with fiber again, I feel like have come full circle back to working with materials again! Excited to share my creations with you!

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